Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the MBHead free & open source software work ?

MBHead offers free & open source to customers. This time is intended to give you the opportunity to set up your free account and get familiar with our tools and features. The free & open source is the full working version of MBHead's original application for Institute management. During your free account we recommend diving into the Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference Guide to get a basic understanding of our features. We also offer free phone and online meetings with our support staff to help you get started! Our staff is trained to listen to your business model and make recommendations for your MBHead setup. They are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

2) What are my support options ?

We offer free phone, email support! Our contact information can be found in the footer of our website. Normal support hours are 9am - 6pm CST. What about after business hours? If you're burning the midnight and have any issue, at that time you can drop us mail, we revert you as soon as.

3) Do you release any of my information to a third party ?

No. We do not release client information to any outside parties for any reason unless required by law.

4) How I can use this software ?

just sign up for new account & You will receive a confirmation via email as soon as your sign up form submit, just verify your email address and start using this software.

5) What are the System Requirements ?

MBHead is web-based software. This means that there is nothing to download, no discs or applications to load onto your computer to get started. All you need is a Internet connection and your User ID & Password to log in via a PC or mobile.

6) Do I need a website to use MBHead ?

If you would like to use Online Registration to it's fullest, you will need a website to make your web-registration form, class listings and customer portal available to your clients. More information on Online Registration can be found on our help-site. You do not need to have a website to access MBHead's class management and accounting features.

7) What if I want to terminate my relationship with MBHead ? How do I get my data ?

You can terminate your relationship with MBHead at anytime. You can also download your information to Excel at any time to have a backup in your possession.

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