Online communication between parents and Institutes.

Online communication between students and teachers

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Creating modes for online communication can increase parent participation in their children's education, which in turn increases students’ interest in their learning. Online communication increases parents’ understanding of classroom procedures, philosophies and policies. Parents then feel more involved in their child's Institutes and more connected to the teacher. In general, online communication improves parents’ attitudes toward conferencing with teachers and administrators.

Online communication between parents and institutes are online methods that serve as a platform for parents and teachers to exchange ideas. For teachers and administrators, online communication makes it easier to reach the parents and build the partnerships with parents.Online communication allows parents to receive real-time information about their child’s performance and activities at school, and flexible opportunities to ask questions and provide information to teachers and school administrators.

This style of communication allows for more asynchronous communication and greater flexibility. With online communication, parents can initiate conversations and express concerns to teachers and school officials easily. In addition, informal communication through online chatting or forums can reduce parents’ anxiety of meeting face-to-face with teachers and/or school officials. When possible, online communication can also offer comfort through anonymity.

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